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Patio furniture is available in many styles, colors and materials. Some of the most common materials include wrought iron, cast aluminum, wood and plastic. These materials all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some of the patio furniture made from them can be quite attractive. Mosaic patio furniture, however, is arguably the most beautiful.

Mosaic Defined:Mosaic is the craft of making images out of tiny bits of stone, glass, pottery or other visually interesting material. The bits are known as tesserae (or tessellae if they're smaller). They are arranged to create a pattern or picture. The end result of this process is known as a mosaic.

The history of the mosaic predates the Roman Empire. Many times, including Roman times, mosaic was considered a major art. Today the technique is mostly used for decorative purposes, such as adorning outdoor furniture. Mosaic patio furniture is attractive.

What Materials Are Used In Making Mosaic Patio Furniture? There are several different approaches to constructing mosaic patio furniture. Wood, ranging from a cheap, short-lived southern pine patio set to exotic, durable teak and mahogany can be used. Alternatively patio sets are made of metal, with wrought iron and cast aluminum normally being the materials of choice as they complement the look of the mosaic well.

Temperature increases or decreases cause different rates of expansion or contraction in different materials. Mosaic patio furniture is made from at least three different materials-glass, stone or pottery (the tesserae or tessellae) grout and the stuff the tables themselves are made from (typically cast aluminum or wrought iron). A single object made of several different materials may be in danger of breaking when subject to extreme temperature changes. That is why it makes sense to put away your mosaic patio furniture during extreme weather.

Caring For Your Mosaic Patio Furniture Mosaic outdoor tables show wear in various ways. Small cracks in grout, small holes in stone surfaces, and oxidation are commons signs of weathering, and will happen eventually regardless of the mosaic patio furniture's quality.

Taking Care of Your Mosaic Patio: Furniture: A mosaic patio set can show wear in different ways. These can include mall cracks in grout, small holes in stone surfaces, and oxidation. These may occur at some point regardless of the mosaic patio furniture's quality.

Your maintenance routine ought to include cleaning your mosaic patio furniture with soap and water. Avoid detergents or chemicals, as the latter will most likely damage the tabletops' protective coating. Also, wash the wrought iron or aluminum frame with a mild soap, and water. Rinse it and dry it thoroughly. Bear in mind that wrought iron can oxidize if wet. In other words, iron rusts. Consider treating the frames with liquid wax, as it will protect our mosaic patio furniture from ultraviolet light. Be careful not to use abrasives or chemicals as they may damage the finish.

As materials go, mosaic is durable, but not the most durable. You will likely have to make sure you take reasonable care of it. Your mosaic patio furniture will bring you beauty and grandeur for years to come if cared for properly.

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