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You did it. You braved the crowds, the harsh bright lighting, and the annoyingly Swedish simplicity to find the perfect piece of furniture you needed. Lets say its a bed. And you get your bed home, and you know there are going to be quite a few piece to assemble, but thats okay. Youre smart. Youre an educated adult. You can follow directions. You open the box and take out one, two, threefour hundred pieces. How can all of these ever come together to make a bed? Especially one you feel safe sleeping in? Many of us would probably give up right there, maybe cry a little bit while we sift helplessly through heaps of tiny, strange-shaped pieces. But then there are the brave few who would press on, brew a big pot of coffee, and spend hours putting the bed together. When you finish, brave ones, after a week of missed work and worried messages on your cell phone asking where you are, do you recover from your victory dance to see about sixteen extra nails lying about? What are those for? Maybe Ikea would throw in a couple extra nails in case you lose one, but sixteen? The question will plague you as you spend sleepless nights, wondering which night will be the night the bed finally gives way and breaks into a thousand pieces.

Breathe. This fiasco sounds worth skipping, right? But, how? How can you make your purchase go from nails and splinters to complete bed with no stress and no expensive assembly and delivery at Ikea? There is a way.

What is an Ikea Assembly Service?

Business opportunities spring from other businesses all the time, when someone sees a huge demand created by a void in the first business. In this case, Ikea became a hit for its affordable, small-space friendly furniture, and the fact that its like a furniture supermarket. But, Ikea products are known for their arduous assembly processes, hence, demand. So, some business genius said hed solve the problem and start a service to help us plebeians assemble our Ikea furnishings, and for a good price.

These services are often delivery and assembly services, and they often work for several furniture and home improvement stores. For a reasonable fee, these movers will pick your purchase(s) up from Ikea and deliver them to your home. The fee depends on where you live and how far you are from your Ikea. For an extra fee, theyll bring the furniture into your house or apartment again this fee depends on how easy this is. If theyre walking it down your driveway into your front door, the fee could be as low as $15.00 extra for door-to-door delivery. If theyre bringing it into your eighth-floor walk-up, it could be as much as $50.00. To decide whether to use a delivery service, you need to keep in mind the price tag on your furniture. Is it worth the potentially $100+ delivery fee? Or can you get it home yourself and then look to this kind of service for assembly?

If you decide to go for both the delivery and assembly services, the assembly will simply cost you an hourly fee for how long it takes the handyman. Well use a New York based Ikea assembly service for example, for example. On average, these services charge $60.00 per hour of assembly. This would include say the $90.00 fee for delivery from Ikea to an apartment in Manhattan, plus about $25.00 for door-to-door service, plus $60.00 for the hour it takes to assemble your item. So thats a total of $175.00, plus you should tip a small percentage, around $20.00, depending on what kind of job was done and how generous you are. So, youre at $195.00. Which may or may not be steep for you, depending on the price of the furniture in question and how badly you need the delivery and assembly if you need it pretty badly, the price isnt unfair.

If you just call the service in for assembly, theres an extra fee of $30.00 for the travel time the handyman takes to and from your apartment, but even with that fee youre under the delivery cost. The great thing is, some services actually give you a guide online to how long different Ikea pieces take. Thats a really valuable resource because youll know about how much your total cost will be, and also so you can make sure your handyman isnt taking an hour too long to try and milk some extra time into the fee. A bed like Ikeas Ramberg model takes an hour and fifteen minutes. The Expedit bookcase only takes thirty minutes. As you can see, these prices are more than fair since theyll be saving you all the stress of trying to assemble your product alone.

Who is an Ikea Assembly Service Good For?

Unless youre handy with this sort of thing and furniture assembly comes easy to you, this service is definitely worth checking out when buying furniture from Ikea. Obviously, if youre a carpenter, you should save your money. But, if youre overwhelmed by tiny pieces and tinier printed instructions, the ability to kick back and relax while your item is assembled for you is worth the price tag.

What are the benefits of Ikea Assembly Service?

Everything is done for you, stress and worry-free. Your furniture arrives and someone assembles it, so all you have to do is use it once it has been put together. The service makes furniture shopping at Ikea completely pleasant and stress-free. Plus, remember you can go online and find out how long your item will take to assemble, so there should be no surprises cost-wise.

What are the risks of Ikea Assembly Service?

Well, for starters, youll have to find something to do with all that extra time you are going to save by not assembling your furniture yourself. Other than that, you cant go wrong. Again, just make sure you and/or someone you know and trust dont have a good set of furniture assembly skills, because then this is a waste of money. Otherwise, its a lifesaver.

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